Denbighshire School Meals

Secondary Questionnaire

Catering Services are continually looking to improve the service in schools. We would appreciate your comments and your children’s comments by completing this questionnaire. Your contribution will help us to achieve customer satisfaction. Your views are important to us to help us develop the catering service at your school for the future.

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    1. How much do you normally spend at lunchtime?

    2. What do you normally buy at lunchtime?

    3. Do you use any of the following for your lunch?

    4. How do you rate the current service?
    Please indicate by highlighting the appropriate number (where 1 is least important and 6 is most important to you)

    Value for Money

    Selling prices

    Quality of Food

    Amount you are allowed for a free meal

    Nutritional Balance/Healthy Eating

    Range of choice available

    Size of portions

    Speed of service

    Dining areas

    Time available for you to eat your lunch

    5. How would you rate our staff who deliver the service to you?




    6. How would you rate the Welfare Assistants who supervise you?




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