Denbighshire School Meals

Frequently Asked Questions

At Denbighshire we take pride in the catering service we provide. We are aware that healthy eating, and indeed, School Meals, are an important part of every child’s school day and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Why a School Meal and not packed lunch?
Studies have shown that pupils are able to concentrate on their studies better after a hot, nutritionally balanced meal at lunchtime.

Where do you source the food from ?
We are committed to purchasing from local suppliers whenever possible, for example we use local bakers for our bread and local dairies for milk in school kitchens. Our beef and lamb is Welsh and we are always looking to work with local suppliers whenever we can.

Who creates the menus?
Our Catering Team devise the menus after testing recipes and ingredients in Schools across the County and getting feedback from pupils. The menus are then analysed by our dietician to ensure that they meet the Welsh Government’s strict nutritional guidelines – The Appetite for Life (A4L).

Can my child stay for a school lunch on individual days?
Denbighshire Catering understands that each family has different needs so we allow you to pick and choose when your child has a school lunch.
If your child hasn’t tried our service in a while this option is an excellent way to introduce your child to school meals. All meals served are nutritionally balanced and, more importantly, are dishes that children love to eat.