Denbighshire School Meals

Cashless Payment

Q.  What is Cashless Catering?

A. Denbighshire was the first Council in North Wales to introduce the System to all its High Schools in an effort to eliminate any stigma associated with Free School Meals as the system offers complete confidentiality to the Pupil purchasing a Free School Meal.

High Schools operate a system which allows parents/guardians to pay for their school meals by cheque. The cheque is entered onto a computer by the School Cook and the pupils account is credited with the amount.

We do not use cash registers in the Dining Room – instead the pupil selects their food from the servery and takes it to one of our ‘Till Pads’, where a member of staff keys in what the pupil has selected and the amount is automatically debited from their account. The pupil is also able to view their account balance at the ‘Till Pad ‘.

Pupils are also able to put cash into their account by using one of the electronic Re-Evaluation Units, which are sited throughout the school. The pupil places their finger on the reader built into the machine, puts their money in and the account is automatically credited.

In Prestatyn High School we have a system which enables Parents to pay on-line for School meals but Pupils are also able to credit their account at the Re-Evaluation units which are sited in the School.

Benefits of Cashless Catering: reduces queuing times, eliminates bullying, Parents can request information if they have concerns about eating habits and can be sure that if they pay by cheque or on-line that the money is being spent in School and not in the shop!